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In case of emergency you can call us at any time on telephone number 071-5315512. Outside of our opening hours you will hear a message (first part in Dutch, second part in English) which will transfer you to the mobile number of the emergency vet of our clinic or the phone number of another emergency veterinarian in the veterinarian circle Leiden.

What are emergencies?

In case of doubt about whether your animal condition is an emergency or in case of emergency with your pet, please contact us via 071-5315512.

Several examples of emergencies:
- your male cat is constantly going to the litter box, but there’s no urine of faeces
- your male cat is loosing drops of urine in the house
- your dog tries to vomit, but nothing comes out
- your puppy/kitten is lethargic (or vomiting or has diarrhoea)
- your animal has been hit (by a car for example)
- your rabbit or guinea pig has not eaten for a day
- your animal has fallen down from some height
- your animal is not able to stand on one of his paws or can’t stand at all
- your animal has eaten chocolate, anti freeze or another toxic substance
- you see moving bugs on the behind of your rabbit or in the cage (fly maggots)
- your dog/ cat is bleeding severely / has wounds
- your cat is dragging itself forwards / is not able to stand properly
- your cat is breathing constantly with open mouth
- your animal is having several epileptical seizures after eachother