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Payment conditions

Payment conditions

After consultation you’re asked to pay the receipt right away. This can be done by pin or cash. No bills can be paid later, due to increasing administrations costs.

Exception on this are clients with insurance for the animal from Petplan and Proteq. We can declare the bill directly to the insurance agency for you in case of these agencies (we need insurance policy and relation numbers of Petplan from you for this; in case of Proteq you need to bring along a fully completed and updated insurance card at every visit).

If you're not able to pay directly, please inform the assistent before your visit, so that we can look for an appropriate solution.

The General Conditions of the "Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Diergeneeskunde (KNMvD)" registred at the District Court in Utrecht by number 22/2008 are of use. You can download these conditions here (in Dutch).