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Blood research

Blood analysis equipment
At our practice a lot of blood sampling can be done by our own team. We have a blood analysis machine and several fast "snap" tests. Mostly you can wait for the results, which are available within 30 minutes. The veterinarian will discuss these results with you and will start treatment for your pet if necessary. 

We recommend having a "pre-anesthetic blood sampling" before your pet goes under anesthesia. This is strongly advisable especially in older and sickly pets, which need to go under anesthesia. After this blood sampling, anesthesia and fluid therapy can be adjusted according the results of the blood values.  

Also in general a senior blood sampling test is advised, to look at the condition of for example the kidneys, of your elderly pet. Is your pet drinking excessively, is it loosing weight or vomitting a lot, please ask our assistents for more information.

Some bloodtests needs to be done by a specialist laboratory in Germany. The blood of your animal is therefore transported over night with a courier to the laboratory. Often the results are already available the following afternoon. The veterinarian will call you to discuss the results.