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Dental Care

Dental Cleaning/ Dental Treatment

If there is a bad smell coming from the mouth of your pet, a lot of dental plaque and tartar, inflammation or pain while eating, it may be necessary to have a dental treatment for your pet. Dental plaque and dental tartar are breeding grounds for bacteria and give a bad smell. This can in time damage your pet physically (for example inflammation of organs). Clean teeth are therefore essential.

A dental treatment is performed under anesthesia. Before anesthesia your pet will be clinically checked by the veterinarian, to ensure that is safe enough to undergo anesthesia. In elderly animals bloodsampling before anesthesia is recommended. If needed anesthesia can be adjusted according to the results of the bloodsampling. After introducing anesthesia the teeth are cleaned. First manually large pieces of dental tartar will be removed, whereafter the teeth will be cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler. After cleaning the veterinarian will examine whether any teeth need to be taken out. At last polishing of the teeth is done. Fresh teeth are the result.





After dental treatment it is important to keep up with dental care, otherwise a new dental treatment might be  necessary in limited time. Our assistents will advise you about the most suitable possibilities for your pet: daily brushing, dental nutrition options, mouthwater or combinations of these. The assistants will also invite you for a free dental control moment with the assistant, to see how the dental care is working for your pet and to help you with any difficulties.


Do you have questions about dental treatment? Please call the assistents at 071-5315512 or ask us about it at the reception..