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Farewell/ Euthanasia

Unfortunately sometimes the moment arrives when you have to say good-bye to your loyal companion. Our clinic tries to schedule a quiet moment for this, to make sure that you can say goodbye peacefully. Euthanasia at home is also a possibility. More information is available with our assistants.

What happens with euthanasia?
Your pet is given an injection with a sedative (sleeping injection). After this injection your pet will slowly fall asleep, then a second injection with an overdosis of sleeping fluid is injected into the frontpaw. This will stop your pet's heart. Your pet is not aware of this second injection, because of the deep sleep.

Your pet has been euthanased, what to do?
There are several possibilities:
- cremation with other pets (mostly chosen)
- cremation individually
- burial
- destruction

Our clinic works with Stichting Huisdieren Crematorium Nederland, located in Stompwijk. Please view for more information about the possibilities. We also have information leaflets at our clinic about the possibilities.


Often animal practices are asked to perform euthanasia in healthy animals. This can't be done at our practice. We don't support this.