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Referral to specialists

Sometimes your pet's problem is too complex and a more specialist care is needed. Several of the referral clinics, which we refer to, are listed below. For these clinics a referral letter from one of our veterinarians is needed.

For an ultrasound examination of the heart and abdomen we refer to veterinary radiologist Warmerdam, located in Noordwijkerhout.

For orthopedic problems we often refer to veterinarian Thijs How, of Diergeneeskundig Specialisten Centrum, located in The Hague. Another option is veterinarian Joost van Overbeek of Dierenzorggroep Lek en Linge, located in Leerdam.

For dental problems, which we can't treat ourselves (for example root canal treatments or tooth/crown restoration) we refer to dental veterinarian Frans Knaake, located in The Hague. 

We also sometimes refer to Medisch Centrum voor Dierenin  Amsterdam and the University Clinic for Companion Animals in Utrecht.