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Sometimes surgery is needed.
Our clinic has an inhalation anesthesia system with an oxygen generator. This to provide and maintain anesthesia in an as safe as possible way. By using inhalation anesthesia your pet will be awake shortly after the surgery. In the recovery room your pet will be looked after, after anesthesia and will be kept warm with special heating cushions.

What is important before surgery?

No food:
your dog or cat is not allowed to eat after 20.00 p.m. the day before surgery/ anesthesia.
Drinking water is still allowed untill the morning of the operation/ anesthesia. 
Is your cat going under anesthesia, please don't let the cat outside after 20.00 p.m., because your cat may eat something outside.
It is important for rabbits and rodents to
 eat untill the morning of the operation. Rabbits and rodents can eat and drink the evening before surgery.

Walking the dog:
please make sure that your dog has been walked properly before surgery, to ensure that the bowels and bladder are as empty as possible.

bloodsampling before anesthesia is in most cases advisable. Especially in elderly or sickly a
nimals. Our assistants can inform you about the possibilities.


Please make sure we have a current phone number of yours, on which we can reach you on the day of surgery. Sometimes the veterinarian wants to discuss something briefly with you during your pet's stay in our clinic.

Be at home after surgery:
after surgery it is convenient to be home or have a babysitter, to ensure that your pet is not home alone during the first hours after picking them up from the practice. 

After making an appoinment for surgery our assistant will hand you a letter with all important matters for surgery for your pet.

In case of questions, please call 071-5315512