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Weight Control Program

As in the case of humans sadly a lot of animals are overweight. In animals this is just as damaging as in humans. 
Our clinic provides a Weight Control Program as service from our assistents, because a healthy weight is essential.

This program is free of charge for clients of our clinic, to assist you to give your animal an healthy weight (by loosing weight) or to maintain a healthy weight. Sometimes it is necessary to buy some special weight loosing nutrition in our clinic (this contains lot of fibres, that will help your pet loose weight, but also maintains a filled up feeling).

After sterilization/ castration your pet uses a lot less energy as before surgery. Therefore there's a tendence towards gaining weight. After surgery we recommend Vet Essential support nutrition for dogs and cats as normal nutrition. Our assistents will support you after the sterilisation/ castration, if wanted, with the maintaining of a normal weight of your dog/cat (also look at Weight Control Program).

Being overweight in animals give among others risk at Diabetes Mellitus, artrosis, heart- and vesselconditions. Our clinic is willing to help you keep your pet in great shape and therefore has the Weight Control Program as a service from our assistents.

How to apply?
You can make an appointment with the assistent for a weight check. During this check the assistent will evaluate the weight of the animal and assesses a goal weight for your pet, if needed. Together with the assistent a plan is made, to work on the healthy weight of your animal. Mothly a check moment will be scheduled to asses the progress. If needed the plan will be readjusted during this check. 

Do you think that your pet is overweight, please call the assistent for more information.