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Young Animal Program

Our clinic offers the Young Animal Program for clients of your clinic. This is because of our veterinarians only see the kittens and puppies when they are young (at vaccinations or when ill) and than once more at 1 year of age. Our assistents will invite you for an kitten/puppy check up at 6 and 9 months of age. During the first year of age, lot of things can happen, that need attention. Therefore these check-ups are offered as part of our service.The assistent will among others look at the change of milk dentitition towards permanent elements (left behind milk teeth can damage and give false position of permanent teeth), look at the growth of the animal and advises you about behaviour issues and parasite control. In case of problems, which need attention, the assistent will refer you to one of our veterinarians.

In case of other disease problems in advance of puppies or kittens a consultation of our veterinarian is needed, this is not  part of the Young Animal Program.