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The team

De team of Dierenkliniek Leiden – Stevenshof.


Which of our veterinarians can you expect?

Two of our regular veterinarians are working every week. When you prefer one of our veterinarians, please inform our assistent of this when you are calling for the appointment. She will place the appointment with your veterinarian of preference (off course only if the emergency status of your appointment can wait for your veterinarian of preference).

Veterinarian Marie-José van Lochem - Verruijt

Veterinarian Marie-José van Lochem - Verruijt has trained to be a veterinarian at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University. After working as a vet on several locations in the country, including Amstelveen and Rijswijk, the opportunity came to take over the companion animal practice of veterinarian Westgeest due to his retirement. Together with her team Marie-José will try to provide the best possible care for your pet in our practice. Marie-José lives together with her husband Rutger and her two daughters Alyssa and Samantha in Voorschoten.
Marie-Jose has sterilized/ treated stray and neglected animals abroad several times, amongst which a sterilization project with SARA on Lanzarote in 2009 and at OKAPI in Fuerteventura in 2008.





Antoinette, veterinary assistant

As of december 2011 we are pleased to inform you that Antoinette has joined our team. After 12 years of work for veterinarian Westgeest and 18 years of work for veterinarian van der Wouw, Antoinette returned to our practice to enforce our team. Antoinette and her husband have three daughters. Their animals are: dog Pien, cats Pooh and Evy, 4 rabbits and one guinea pig. You will often see Antoinette out and about the Stevenshof with her dog Pien. Antoinette is very interested in dental health and also follows several trainings to remain updated on the newest developments in these matters.








Rutger van Lochem

As partner of a veterinarian it is sometimes necessary to help and assist the veterinarian in case of emergency, for example in case of surgery and when the assistants are a day off. Rutger also keeps himself busy with the administration of the practice, next to his busy job at Amsterdam Airport.







Trainees/ students
On a regular basis you will see trainees in our clinic. The clinic is an Aeqor certificated learning clinic and is able to train students to become fully capable assistants.